About the Secret Sisters ...

We didn't mean to become spies. But when visiting teaching stats were low and we heard of a family in our care who was having hardship and refusing help, we knew we had to do something. We didn't realize that "something" would involve planting bugs in their house and sticking a tiny camera on their refrigerator. But honestly, we only did what any caring Relief Society presidency would do ...

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Endorsements ~

    As a crusty old broad myself, I have no trouble recognizing another woman who qualifies, and Ida Mae Babbitt definitely does. As Relief Society President, she steams ahead in her pursuit of what is right, even when it means breaking the law and facing a stint in the cooler. Her counselors, Arlette and Tansy, are swept along in her wake, and a more unconventional but creative trio would be hard to imagine, especially when they face the bad guys armed with only a heavy skillet and knitting needles. It’s a twisting road Tristi Pinkston takes the reader on, but it’s worth the trip. 

— Lael Littke, author of The Company of Good Women Series

Give me a heroine who can wield the Spirit and a frying pan with equal nerve! That's my kind of Crusty Old Broad. Tristi Pinkston adds a dose of mystery and some down‑home humor to create a recipe for fun.

— Nancy Anderson, author of The Company of Good Women Series

In my three years as Education counselor and my three years as Relief Society president, I never had this much fun. What a clever story. Once I started reading, I didn't want to close the lid to my laptop. Each one of the characters came alive in my mind as I was taken on a very unusual Relief Society presidency adventure. It was one filled with humor and suspense that I will long remember. 

— JoAnn Arnold, author of The Silent Patriots