Announcing: Till Death Do Us Part!

Will Ida Mae survive her own wedding?

When charming,and mostly bald,widower George Gilmore asked Ida Mae Babbitt to marry him, she was surprised and delighted. But now he has made another proposal,to hold the wedding in two weeks,while all his children are in town. Flustered but sure she can handle it with the help of her friends, Ida Mae agrees.

The plan doesn't go over so well with George's family, however, and Ida Mae finds herself the victim of a plot to stop the wedding. At first the incidents seem like harmless pranks, but they escalate until Ida Mae finds herself in real danger,and in real pain. Bells are ringing, but are they wedding bells or death knells?

It's always so much fun to announce the arrival of a new book baby, and this one has me especially delighted. It's the fifth and final installment in the Secret Sisters Mysteries, and the ladies are excited to share their latest adventure with you. 

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